Targeted Business Promotion Using USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

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Every business aims to reach as much local audience as possible. And needless to say, businesses want to do it at an affordable cost. This is especially true for newly opened businesses, that want to reach out to locals to announce their opening. Even attract new customers in through their newly-opened doors. For such businesses, the ‘Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)’ service by USPS is just right.

  • Outline your marketing area
  • EDDM by USPS lets you select an area of your choice, where they will deliver promotional materials directly to your prospective customers’ mail-boxes. So, for example, if you own a local pizzerria, more than likely your customers live in the vicinity of your business. Using EDDM, you can effectively choose your marketing area by zip code and send your menu, promotions, coupons, etc. directly to their mail-boxes. The EDDM mapping tool lets a business choose a zip code and a route to help it best reach its customers. USPS claims this tool is very easy to use and small businesses can even enjoy discounted pricing.

  • Targeted audience
  • Other than providing the ability to reach customers in a specific area directly, the EDDM program is also “targeted” in nature. Thus, it helps a business in narrowing down its potential customers by age, household sizes and even income. So, for instance, a newly opened tattoo shop may want to reach households with a comparatively younger audience. Or a local high-end furniture shop may want to reach households that fall in a certain income group. Using the EDDM mapping tool, a business can do exactly that and select specifically the audience it wants to reach.

  • USPS can create promotional materials for you (optional)
  • Instead of creating the promotional materials by yourself, you can even have USPS create it for you. USPS has partnered with several printing and mailing companies that can create promotional materials for you. This helps you save considerable time and lets you focus on running your business. Naturally, hiring a USPS affiliate to create your promotional materials can be comparatively more expensive than doing it yourself. But, if you think it saves you time and is worth the cost, then go for it!

  • Affordable pricing
  • As of this writing, USPS offers two pricing options - Retail and Business-Mail-Entry-Unit or BMEU costing $0.177 and 0.156 respectively for each piece (up to 3.3 oz) of marketing material. The EDDM – retail allows for sending of 5000 mail pieces per day and requires no postage permit. You are not required to even write names and addresses. Furthermore, you can choose from a wide range of flyer sizes ranging from a simple post-card size to a tri-fold menu. The EDDM – BMEU on the other hand requires a postage permit. For both options, you can drop off the marketing materials to any local post office closer to you.

  • A word of caution
  • Be mindful of imposters! When you search for this program online, several links may show up that use the same wording as that of USPS’ website. Please be mindful of the same and check that you are on the official USPS website. For your convenience, direct links to the USPS website giving more information about Every Door Direct Mail program have been provided below.

  • Helpful links
  • Main page - Click here

    EDDM Retail® Fact Sheet - Click here

    EDDM BMEU™ Fact Sheet - Click here

    EDDM Quick Reference Sheet: Click here

    And here’s a video detailing how the program works.

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