Benefits Of Implementing Google Re-Captcha On Your Website

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As a website owner or administrator, you must have come across the ugly truth known as the 'Spam Bots'. Thanks to the evil mastermind behind spam bots, we are now burdened with this pesky critter that crawls the web causing mischief at every turn. Web admins now spend more time cleaning up the mess left by spam bots. But thankfully, there is a tool that can help save you time while managing your websites.

CAPTCHA is a tool used to fight spam online. It is an acronym for 'Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart', and I'm sure glad it was shortened. CAPTCHA helps websites fight spam bots by ensuring that website users are humans and not robots.

Google Launches Invisible reCaptcha in 2017.

In 2014, Google first launched the reCaptcha because the old CAPTCHA was hard to read so they decided that it was time to teach computers how to out-perform the traditional CAPTCHA with 99.8% more accuracy. With a simple “I'm not a robot” check box, the new age of CAPTCHA was born.

Now in 2017, they have gone a step further with the 'Invisible reCaptcha', which allows humans to use online services without seeing the "I'm not a robot" check box. With the introduction of the Invisible reCaptcha, user sign-ups will increase because it uses a combination of artificial intelligence and advanced risk analysis, which adapts to new and emerging threats.

Advantages of reCaptcha for your website

Protect and defend websites: Because reCaptcha is built for security, it keeps abreast of trends in spam and fights online abuse. It is the best tool to keep your website spam-free.

It does not cost money: Spam fighting is a global effort and Google's reCaptcha is the number one fighter. It is offered free of charge by Google because keeping the Internet safe is a job for everyone.

Easy to integrate on your website: No matter the framework your website is built on, there is a reCaptcha module, plugin or component. And if your website is not built on the popular WordPress, Joomla or Drupal platforms, integrating is easy because there is a lot of online documentation.

No distorted text: Easy for people, hard for Bots! This is the slogan used to describe the reCaptcha service. Your website visitors don't have to deal with distorted and unreadable text. The visual nature of reCaptcha makes it appealing to a lot of users.

Accessibility option: For the visually impaired, an audio CAPTCHA is also integrated into reCaptcha to give users more options.

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