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The LifeLock service protects against identity theft, which is when thieves steal your personal information to take or open new accounts, properties or other detrimental fraudulent actions in your name. It only takes minutes to sign up for their service and in general what they do is: scan, alert, restore and reimburse. They scan for use of your personal information and alert you if there is activity using text, email or phone call. They send a message asking if it is you taking action and you respond using their yes or no buttons to reply with a click.

SimplyBestWebsites.Com - Blog

As with a physical storefront, it is important to monitor the progress a website makes once it is online. Think about it as an online version of your store. Just the way you go to your store every day, monitor customers, attend to their needs, answer questions and even sell items, your website should be attended to. However, since website is an entity somewhere in the cyberspace, a dimension that lacks touch and feel, it can take a backseat in terms of getting attention.

SimplyBestWebsites.Com - Blog

For any business in the increasingly competitive world we are in today, optimization of business processes is always a top agenda. eSignature is one way businesses are achieving efficiency. With eSignature, businesses close deals and sign contracts online in a very short period since they eliminate the slow and tedious paper processes. With electronic signature, the cost of fax machines, some offices supplies, and shipping fees is minimized or eliminated in some cases. Firms that have implemented eSignature, have saved valuable money and precious time. The money and the time saved is what will give your business an edge over the competition.

Targeted Business Promotion Using USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every business aims to reach as much local audience as possible. And needless to say, businesses want to do it at an affordable cost. This is especially true for newly opened businesses, that want to reach out to locals to announce their opening. Even attract new customers in through their newly-opened doors. For such businesses, the ‘Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)’ service by USPS is just right.

Using DMCA To Keep Your Online Content Safe From Theft

Originally written online content is crucial for the success of your website. But unfortunately, the Internet is full of people who want to steal your online content and take advantage of the work that you have spent your time and money creating. At the same time, the web is also full of companies and services that can help protect and recover lost content.

Benefits Of Implementing Google Re-Captcha On Your Website

As a website owner or administrator, you must have come across the ugly truth known as the 'Spam Bots'. Thanks to the evil mastermind behind spam bots, we are now burdened with this pesky critter that crawls the web causing mischief at every turn. Web admins now spend more time cleaning up the mess left by spam bots. But thankfully, there is a tool that can help save you time while managing your websites.


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