Entrepreneurial Success Story: Bruce Halle Of Discount Tire Co.

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Bruce Halle, the founder and chairman of Discount Tire Co., is currently worth around $5.5 billion. He owns 900 stores in 31 states with estimated sales of $4.2 billion. He is undoubtedly successful. But with such a big business empire, does he have anything to say to the small business owner?

He absolutely does!

Halle started Discount Tire in 1960, with only six tires. This is about as small as a business can be and still be considered a business. Halle had to succeed as a small business man before he could gain any of his success on the national stage.

Halle's grew up in a family of seven children during the Great Depression. To help make ends meet Halle was willing to work hard varied different jobs. He delivered newspapers, cut grass, and even dug graves. During this time, Halle learned the value of hard work. He also learned how to contribute selflessly to the success of the organization to which he belonged - in this case, his family.

Halle's service in the Marines during the Korean War reinforced the lessons of his childhood. In the Marines he faced danger bravely, but he didn't do it alone. He was part of a team that had to work together so that they all could succeed. Certainly, this experience helped him to craft and lead the teams of employees he needed to successfully run his stores and then his larger business.

Halle knows the value of being well-educated, but he didn't put too much stock in status. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University, with a business administration degree in 1956. In school he learned information and skills he needed to succeed, without having to spend huge amounts of money to attend a more prestigious school. And Halle has followed through on his belief in education by founding the Bruce T. Halle scholarship program in 2004. Since then, he has awarded $8.5 million to help 2,100 of his employee's children attend school.

Bruce Halle overcame failure to become the success he is today. His first business venture, a tire and accessory business he started with a friend, was a flop. This failed business put him in debt, but it didn't destroy his dream or his drive. He started again, this time on his own.

Halle set goals for his new business. He was going to sell 5 tires a day and pay back the debt he owed. He concretely stated what he wanted to do and then he worked diligently to do it.

When Halle began his business, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, he had serious competition from Goodyear, Firestone and General stores, but he didn't let the big companies intimidate him. He set himself apart by focusing on treating people fairly and being nice. He also made sure that his customers were getting the best deal possible on their tires. Halle combined these two goals in Discount Tires' signature service, fixing flats for free. He could make a few dollars for each flat he fixed, but he chose to do it for free because it brought in many new customers and the gratitude of the customers made them loyal to Discount Tire. This personal touch and focus on value brought customers to him from the bigger stores and gave him the momentum to expand.

Halle believes in treating his employees fairly and kindly, as well. The scholarship program for children is just one example of how he strives to make Discount Tire an encouraging work environment. This attracts quality people to him, and he loves to promote from within to use these people to their fullest advantage.

Halle understands that there is more to a full life than business success. Family is very important to Bruce. He has 4 children of his own who work in his business, and has benefited countless other children through the Children First Academy, the nation's largest school for homeless children, and the Arizona Boys and Girls club. His faith is important to him; he even earned a papal award for his contributions to the Catholic church. Halle also has hobbies. He collects lithographs of early tire advertisements. His collection boasts over 400 items. Surely this work and life balance gives Halle the endurance he needs to continue working and pursuing his dreams at 87 years old.

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